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    There are desktop apps for Windows and macOS, but there is also a web-based version of WhatsApp, in case you do not want to install it. Most people are familiar with using WhatsApp through a mobile app on a phone, but not all are aware that you can use WhatsApp on your computers desktop as well – whether that is through your web browser, or using a desktop app. Keep in mind that you will always need your phone to access WhatsApp on a computer: There is no way to use WhatsApp Web without a WhatsApp mobile app. Once you have scanned a private QR code and opened WhatsApp Web, you do not have to use your phone anymore for sending messages and files.

    WhatsApp Web has the same features that WhatsApp has on the phone, and you can instantly send and receive messages via WhatsApp Web. Your account is now linked with WhatsApp Web, and you can use the messaging platform right from the browser. You can use WhatsApp Web from a computer browser by linking your account via QR code from WhatsApp Mobile App. Once you have scanned the QR code, WhatsApp Desktop (or WhatsApp Web) syncs to your phone, and you see the same contacts and messages you would see on your phone.

    Once you open WhatsApps download page, or install and launch the WhatsApp desktop app, you should see the QR code on your computer. Point the QR code scanner to the QR code on the WhatsApp browser page, and continue to point it until your WhatsApp messages appear on the screen. Once your personalized QR code appears, you will have to scan that code via the WhatsApp app on your phone to make a connection. Access is granted once a user scans his or her personal QR code through their mobile app, WhatsApp Messenger.

    You can pin WhatsApp to Opera Browser for computers, so that WhatsApp is always visible when doing something else on your browser. WhatsApp is also a built-in function in the Opera browser for computers, so you can use it from a panel on your sidebar, instead of in a browser tab. The web-based version works thanks to the new Multi-device functionality, which lets you use WhatsApp apps on up to four of your connected devices. WhatsApp acts as a bridge between users across platforms, allowing them to communicate, send files, make voice calls, and make videos, all free of charge.

    WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop function in nearly identical ways, though voice and video calls are currently supported only on the desktop, and you can only log in to one (plus your phone) at a time. You cannot make voice calls using WhatsApp Web, but you can tap on the mic button on your messages window to record and send audio recordings, both within groups and in single chats. Once you set up the popular chat messenger with your phone number on Bluestacks, you can begin adding contacts to your WhatsApp account > open their chat threads and begin making voice or video calls.

    Your smartphone app for WhatsApp will bring up all of your conversations, serve any new messages, and let you start new chats or search through your existing conversations. Most features that you will be using daily in your messaging platform on your phone are here, making WhatsApp Web an especially nice utility. WhatsApp Web is simple to setup and use, has the same visual interface as the mobile version of the messaging platform, and messages sync between your phone and web instantly.

    As we mentioned earlier, five years have passed since the introduction of WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp Web works just fine on computers, as long as you want to perform the core tasks like chats, or sending media, and so on. However, looking at the list of features that are available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS, it would really be nice to have some (if not all) of these features integrated in WhatsApp Web. The Web version will launch automatically on the browser, and it stays up till you sign out, whether it is on a computer or on a smartphone. Whether you downloaded desktop from the store or straight from WhatsApp, you will have to log into the messaging app after installing and running WhatsApp Desktop — you will not be signing in to your messaging app as you would expect.

    Before we begin, you need to ensure you have WhatsApp installed and running correctly on your iPhone or Android phone: You can grab the app from either the App Store or Google Play if you do not already have it. If you are already using WhatsApp on a Samsung Android device, but you are not yet trying out WhatsApps Web app, scan your WhatsApp Web QR code today and unlock a powerful way to engage with your favorite messenger. Do note, that the app is not available on iPads. Advantages of using WhatsApp Web on PC, Tablet, & Mobile There are plenty of benefits of using WhatsApp Web on the desktop. Many people are not used to typing on small screens on mobile phones.

    One of WhatsAppas desktop versions will now display all your existing chats, let you use a computer keyboard to type messages, create new groups, update your status, and all of the other things listed above for the web-based version. WhatsApp Web lets you get your messages in real-time on your computers screen, respond to them using the keyboard, start new conversations, create new groups, and search through chat history to find a contact.

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